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BETINA, a village and harbour on the north-eastern coast of the island of Murter, at the northern entrance into the Murter Channel; population 813.
Economy is based on farming, vine and olive growing, fishing and tourism. The harbour is exposed to the bora and the sirocco; vessels drawing up to 1.3 m
may dock along the breakwater. The cove of Zdrace houses Betina Marina. Close to the harbour is the shipyard.
Betina lies on the road leading through the island of Murter.Betina was first mentioned in the 16th century,
when it was founded by refugees who found shelter from the Turks.
The parish church of St. Francis was built at the beginning of the 17th century; it was extended and reconstructed on several
occasions and in the mid-18th century a bell tower was added to it. - In the vicinity of Betina, on the
Gradina hill, a small mediaeval church of Our Lady of Gradina has been preserved.
Betina offers good opportunities for a pleasant and peaceful rest, particularly to boaters. Boats are rented.
It is a well-known fishermen's village with a number of restaurants offering excellent fish.
The traditional feast called Brganja Day, dedicated to a specific species of shells, which are found only around
Betina, is held every year (3rd of August).
Betina Marina has 200 berths in the sea and 80 places on the land.


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